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FAQ's for 1st-5th grade Ministry

03.04.16 | Next Gen, Kids | by Ashley Vantrease

    What questions do you have about our 1st-5th grade ministry?

    Question#1 – Who leads this ministry and how can I get in touch with them? How do I find out more about how to get my kids involved?


    Kid's Pastor: We are in the exciting process of hiring our next Kids Pastor. In the meantime, you can contact, Leighann McCoy who is our Next Gen Team leader AND TSC’s first Kids Pastor (a while back)

    Associate Kids Pastor: Andrea Vergara
    Kid's Ministry Assistant: Ashley Vantrease

    Question #2: How does my child get connected for the first time on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights?

    Answer: One of the great things about our kid's activities is that they are all conscious of the fact that we are constantly adding new faces each week.  We will be outside the multi-purpose room in the C Building on Sunday mornings to greet you. There you will complete a guest registration form and then one of our team members will escort your child to their group. We will place your child with children their own age and with friends they know. You are welcome to stay until your child feels comfortable, or for the whole class time the first couple of weeks until they get to know their leaders and their group members.

    Question #4: What are the pickup procedures for 1st-5th grade?

    Answer: During the 8:10 and 10:50 Small Group hours, pick-up will be in the classrooms upstairs in the C Building.  To pick up a child you must have the security number that is printed on their nametag (either by having the tag, memorizing the number, or in a picture of the sticker that has been sent to you by the person checking in your child).  

    To pick up from Kids Worship at 9:30, you will go to the C Building multi-purpose room and ask the volunteer at the door for your child.  They will check for the security number on your child's nametag, so please make sure you have this handy!

    Question #5: Where do 1st-5th graders meet on Sunday mornings?

    Answer: Come to the C Building. As you enter the doors go to your left to our multi-purpose room.

    Question #6: What if my child is having a hard time connecting at church with other kids/has a social disability?

    Answer: Our volunteer staff is trained to work with you to help your child feel more comfortable at TSC as each child is unique and special to us.  If your child is struggling to get connected, typically we try to get other teachers or very mature kids involved to get to know them and help them feel welcome.  Sometimes, your child may not connect with kids in one group but will in another, so we are always flexible to move children to where they are most comfortable. We offer camps and other special events where children make new lifelong friendships and we encourage you to take advantage of these great activities. We also have a great Special Needs ministry for children who have trouble in a large classroom setting or who have Special Needs.  Feel free to email us and we will work with you to find a comfortable spot for your child.

    Question #7: How do I find out about upcoming special events for 1st-5th Graders?

    Answer: We connect with you primarily through email. So please make sure we have your current email address. Please also check your junk folder in case our emails end up there. All events are also promoted through our current activities. 

    Question #8:  If my child desires to be baptized or wants to know how to be saved, what resources are available to help me answer these spiritual questions or others?

    Answer: Here is a great online resource for leading your child to faith in Christ. http://www.kidsofintegrity.com/lead-your-child-christ

    Before your child is baptized, you and your child must participate in our Faith 101 class. Faith 101 meets periodically throughout the year. If you would like to schedule a meeting with our children’s pastor or associate pastor to discuss salvation and baptism, please contact the children’s ministry office by emailing Ashley Vantrease at .

    The schedule for our Faith 101 classes is listed on our website.