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Gateway Project

01.16.17 | Homepage Mission, Local Mission | by Kortni Lasater

Gateway Project

    Gateway Project is a team of two families sent out to do rural community development in East Asia.

    Who is Gate-way Project

    What Gate-way Project Does

    How You Can Get Involved


    Who is Gate-way Project?

    Gateway Project started out as a team of two families sent out to do rural community development in East Asia. Our team is also made up of every person that supports our work here, like YOU, and our purpose is to live among the East Asian to share our lives and to help with the needs we have been led to.

    In 2016 one of our families transitioned back here in the states after having adopted a child from East Asia. Their work is continuing here in the states on a local level to reach the East Asian people group, while our other family is continuing to invest in the lives of those they are surrounded by in East Asia.


    What Gate-way Project Does?

    Currently, one of our main projects is inviting Foreign teachers to come visit where we live and host English camps for children as well as for teachers. We work in various local schools, schools that don't have the ability to hire foreign teachers. The English classes here focus mostly on reading and writing English and the spoken language is often neglected. We love giving the children an opportunity to practice what they have learned and seeing them come out of their shell. We are also in the beginning stages of a few agriculture projects that we are very excited about. We hope that through our company we can build relationship that will lead us deeper into the culture. We eventually hope to be able to not only reach out to villages, but also to spend time in the market towns, because it is there that the villagers come every three days to buy and sell their goods. If we can help people there, we can give them the information they need to take back to their homes and share with all of the people of the villages that we couldn't possibly get to on our own. 


    How you can get involved?

    Our greatest need is for you to talk about us with the One in charge. We can do nothing on our own, but we have full confidence that through our Leadership we can do all things! Although we belong to a parent organization, we are the one of the first teams belonging to a new program that is 100% supported by investors like you that want to be a part of our team and our purpose here. Our team needs supporters who will not only regularly encourage us, but also financially partner on a monthly basis in order to make this a possibility.

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