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06.21.16 | Partnering Countries | by Kortni Lasater

    Next Trip: TBD 2019

    This year we will continue construction of the church/community project in partnership with Shalom Baptist Church in Guatemala and disciple existing and new believers and evangelize in the Las Conchas community. 


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    Crystal Waller 



    What We Are Doing

    Derek – We built a home for a little boy named Derek. Derek has eye cancer and just finished 24 rounds of chemo. He needed a clean environment in which to recover. As of November 2015, his cancer is in remission.

    Church Foundation – TSC partnered with Shalom Baptist Church in Guatemala for a 3 year commitment to build a church/community center to serve the communities of Las Conchas and Los Canoas. This is a holistic project, intended to give hope to the people though spiritual, educational, job skill training, and a community center.

    Food Baskets – Each year since 2010, we have delivered an average of 200 food bags and bibles to the people in the Las Conchas community. Each bag contains approximately 50 lbs of staple food items that can last a family of 5 up to 1 month. We have also delivered an average of 150 water filters each year. The bibles, food, and water are used in daily evangelism to symbolize the spiritual nourishment and living water of Jesus Christ, and to bless the families.

    New School Books – In years past there were no school books in the local school. The teachers taught from a single book, often missing pages and outdated materials. For the past few years we have donated new books to the school – enough for each child in the class!

    Water Filter Building – In partnership with the Community Association in Las Conchas, we donated time and materials to build an enclosure for a new water purification system that will be provided by the Living Waters organization. The water will be accessible to everyone in the community.