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West Africa

07.24.17 | Homepage Mission, Missions, Exploring Countries | by Kortni Lasater

    Next Trip: May (End of) - June

    Team Leader: Bryan Hollie



    There are 56 people groups in the West African region to which 26 (46.4%) people groups are unreached. 4.5% professes Christianity while, 91% profess Islam. West Africa is considered the western gateway to Africa, and is one of the most significant cities on the continent. Because of its strategic location, sea port, international airport, and dependable communication system, organizations and entrepreneurs from around the world have made this their home.

    Grand Y. , one of 19 municipalities of Dakar proper, is located in the heart of the city. An estimated 300,000 people live in Grand Y. Many of the people living in this area are poor and live in challenging conditions. The Baptist Center is located on one of the main routes through this densely populated part of the city. We pray that this journey will continue to establish Christianity to become the main foundation to these people.


    Baptist Center in Grand Y. ,West Africa


    ***When teams are available

    ESL Program
    Sports Program
    English Club
    Kids Club
    ***Medical Clinic

    Small Library/Media Room - We have set up a room specifically for presenting Christian DVDs, equipped with a wide screen television, players and student desks. This has proven valuable with a number of ministry activities for participants of all ages. In our small library/ media room, we have books and materials written in English, French, and Wolof. We have included a space with CD players and headsets for members to listen to Christian CDs / DVDs and for students to work on their English skills with instructional CDs that accompany the textbooks. Members are making good use of this facility.

    For more information about these programs please contact Bryan Hollie.