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Kosovo Mission Trip

Monday, July 23, 2018 - Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Group: Missions

Coordinator: Eric Nichols |

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Albania- July 23-31, 2018

Project: Evangelism/Leadership Camp/Orphanage

Team Leader: Pastor Eric Nichols





Is this area safe to travel to? YES
What will the food be like? Delicious
What will our accommodations be like? Dorm-style bunk buildings
What will the weather be like there? Warm & sunny
Are there health or healthcare implications? NO
Will I need any immunizations? NO
Immunizations Required: NO
Immunizations Recommended: NONE
How long is the travel? 8 hours
How will your team raise the money? Fundraisers
Do special Visas need to be acquired? NO
Will you have any emergency protocol in place? YES
What is the Minimum age limit? 16
Who has determined the age limit? Team Leader
Are there any physical limitations for this trip? NO



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