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Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Connecting people with Jesus to experience His greater life.


Our Vision

Everything we do is built on relationships. We began our ministry by knocking on doors, making friends and connecting them to Jesus on front porches, at kitchen tables, and at neighborhood markets. It was that heart-felt concern for people that moved us to share not only the gospel but our lives as well.

Our reach has grown from a small farming community to over 130,000 people. Almost every family feels frayed and stretched with the pressure to be involved with everything. Families here are busy but starving for intimacy with each other and with God.

Our vision for the next 10 years is to develop people to begin 7 new relationships to impact 70 neighborhoods, 7 cities, and 7 countries.

We are calling everyone to live life on mission.  By intentional, persistent pursuit of God’s presence through prayer and His word, His Spirit will empower and enable us. We will see each relationship with a neighbor, teacher, coach, or student, as an opportunity for connecting people to Jesus, so they experience His greater life.