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Mission Focus

2018 TSC Missions Focus Sunday's:

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About our Mission Focus Sundays

Everything you do flows thru RELATIONSHIPS and EVERY RELATIONSHIP IS MISSIONAL. That's why our vision starts with the 7 relationships that your building to help connect them with Jesus to experience His greater life the way you do. 

Your helping us be missional and that starting work actually helps us fulfill our goal to impact 70 neighborhoods, 7 cities and 7 countries. Your doing so much to impact these areas that one Sunday is not enough for us to focus on what we are doing for missions. 

We are focusing on four Sundays where we can spotlight and focus on missions to allow you to use tools to engage others to PRAY, GIVE & GO with you.

What happens in November?

November is a time when we like to expand the opportunity to give you the chance to invite friends that are in the community to come and pack meals for Haiti.

In order to make this happen, we are going to put our emphasis on food packing and still have an emphasis on Sunday that allows us to focus on three more cities, countries or missions to spread the word about what God is doing.

We will be packing food to send to Mission of Grace in Carries, Haiti.  We started out packing 30,000 meals and expanded to 100,000. Let's see how many more meals you can do this year and build on your success.  You are asked to bring your neighbors and classmates, because we are planning to pack over 100,000+ meals. Mark your calendar to pack food for this special weekend and register.