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Disaster Relief

Las Vegas Relief Hurricane Relief  Disaster Teams

Welcome! On this page you will be able to find the latest news and resources of disaster relief efforts that are taking place.


Las Vegas Relief

Below is how you can be apart of helping Las Vegas. 

Connect with The Well Church

Pray - How to pray when tragedy strikes

Go - Plan to go help serve the community and schools through projects.

Give - When you give, we help them feed the community and complete service projects.

On October 3rd, Steve and Jon gathered the community for prayer in their facility, which our team helped them carpet last summer.  Seven students gave their lives to Christ.  God never wastes a hurt.  He can always redeem what our enemy means for evil. 



Hurricane Relief

Will you join us in praying for all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Irma? You can also give to support relief efforts through the North American Mission Board. We may be mobilizing the TSC disaster relief team to help in the coming days. Stay connected to our social media for more details.




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From The Tennessee Baptist Mission Board

  1. Pray for those affected by these devastating rains and winds. Pray that God will comfort and guide then as they walk through this very difficult time. Pray that God will use this event to lead many people to faith in Christ. Pray the God will encourage believers and churches as they seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus to their neighbors. Pray for the local, state and national leaders overseeing these operations. Pray for the safety of the many volunteers who will respond and that God will provide opportunities of ministry for them as they serve.

  2. Give to assist those in need. This should be above and beyond what a person or church normally gives, so as not to harm the local congregation. You can give online at http://tndisasterrelief.org/contributions/ or send it directly to TBMB and designate on the check where you would like the contribution applied (Ex: Harvey Relief). Sometimes we would rather send something tangible rather than money. However, cash donations allow us to purchase materials and things where the disaster occurred, which in turn stimulates the local economy that has just suffered. It also does not have to be warehoused or shipped, which often costs almost as much as the gift.

  3. Give specific items. For those desiring to give something tangible, what you give should be based on the needs of a particular disaster. Please contact us here at the MMC at   or (615) 371-7926 if you have any questions. At the end of the event any leftover items will be given to other charitable organizations, or saved until a similar event happens.

  4. Train to GO. Often in a disaster, people want to go and help. The best way people can go and help is to be trained and ready when the time comes. I encourage churches, associations or groups of associations to work together with us to train people and get them assigned to teams. This will be a continuing event for some time. The quicker we can set up trainings to prepare the volunteers to go, the sooner they can go. Contact us at the MMC at    or (615) 371-7926 and we will work with you to set up training.   Please note that there is a $36 credentialing fee and a background check as part of the process.


Disaster Teams


TSC is excited to provide disaster relief both locally and nationally! This team is excited to use their gifts to minister to those who have experienced various forms of storm damage.

To learn more about disaster relief at TSC contact:

 Greg Cash -  

 Al Nickel -

Please click on the link below that best fits what you are looking for:
Volunteer with TSC Disaster Relief Release Form
Property Owner Job Order Form

What if a severe thunderstorm caused a tree to fall on your house? What if a tornado had ripped through your neighborhood? What if you had no money, and didn't know even where to start to put your home back in order?

TSC is now partnering with the city of Spring Hill Fire Department to be the first on call to help with disasters and our TSC members are trained and ready to be where they are needed at a moment's notice.