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My Generous Life



90 Day Challenge

We know that accepting the 90 Day Giving Challenge can seem a little scary, but it is also very exciting.  That’s because, as we begin to let God have more control over our lives, we get to see what He will do in some very unexpected ways.  We want to hear your stories of God’s provision because we are all encouraged by the everyday God-interruptions of His care for us.  Share your story HERE 

TSC is excited for you because we know that there is so much more to living out My Generous Life, and we can’t wait for you to experience God’s generosity like never before!  This isn’t about what we want from you but what we want for you.  Our prayer is that after 90 days you will have a better understanding of giving, and have a stronger relationship with God.


90 Day Giving Challenge Video



Reimagine Generosity





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Book Links:

 The Plastic Donut (Book) - Jeff Anderson

 The Plastic Donut (eBook) - Jeff Anderson

 The Family Project Devotional (eBook) - Lifeway

 The Genius of Generosity - Chip Ingram

 The Blessed Life - Robert Morris



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