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Grace Point Fellowship - Cincinnati

03.21.17 | Church Plants | by Mikayla Martin






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    Thompson Station Church Partners with Grace Point Fellowship in Springboro, Ohio. As the former Missions Pastor to TSC, Pastor Reagan and his family felt called to plant a new church in the part of the country where more than 75% of people are non-Christians. God calls everyone to be his hands in feet so that those who might not know who Jesus is, can be saved.

    If you would like to know more about Grace Point Fellowship, you can visit  their website above or follow them on Facebook. If you are interested in leading a World Impact Team to Springboro to help with Grace Point Fellowship, contact Mikayla Martin in the Missions Office at TSC.


    "God didn’t call us to plant a church. He called us to reach a city. The church is merely the platform to engage the city." – Vance Pitman



    At Grace Point, We believe a passionate servant of Jesus Christ is:

    • FOR JESUS: We believe that God is for Jesus and is Jesus, and that He is for the world, for community, and for family. Because we are people who are for Jesus, we will also be for each of these elements in the following ways.
    • FOR THE WORLD: We work to make a difference globally by showing the grace of Jesus using an Acts 1:8 approach of sharing His grace locally, nationally, cross-culturally, and to the ends of the earth.
    • FOR COMMUNITY: We are involved in building community, and believe what we do for God in our homes, in our schools, on our teams, and in our workplaces is even more important than what we do on Sundays. We are a church that desires to be for the community, and not against it or separate from it.

              FOR FAMILY: We encourage families and the next generation of kids growing up around us and in our homes to love Jesus and love each other. We believe that a healthy and functioning family is the most important influence we have if we desire to positively impact the community and the world for Christ!




    Only Jesus...

    It is almost unimaginable for me to believe what God has done and is doing. Almost three years ago in the fall of 2014, God took Heather and I to Las Vegas to meet church planters. And it was there, in Las Vegas of all places, that He called us to plant our lives in Cincinnati. This Sunday, Grace Point will baptize its 49th person...  a mom who just moved here from Virginia this summer whose daughter was just baptized during VBS about a month ago. She made her commitment last night at our house at the end of Grace group. 

    On July 2nd, we had 210 people come to church with us for our VBS Family Day. Don't have that many every Sunday, but it's always good to set up more chairs than you expected!

    Grace Point also just helped a Grace group grow to 25 people that hopes to be a future church in Hunter, OH. They meet for Bible study every Thursday, and though we hate to see them go, that was always a part of the kingdom plan. Our goal is not just to build one big church, but to multiply the kingdom. After all, we wouldn't be here if others hadn't thought that way, believed in us, and let us go to pursue our calling. 

    225 kids at VBS in our 2nd year...
    29 kids making first-time decisions at VBS and
    3 more at student camp this summer...
    9 elementary-aged girls baptized on July 2.

    These are all things that only Jesus can do when people partner together for a common cause. This IS the beauty of the kingdom. But it's always so amazing when you step back for a second and consider all that He truly has done since we begin to pray and ask God to move and use us in this city. He truly is exceeding our expectations over everything we could have asked or imagined. (Eph. 3:20)

    Now, we believe God is moving us again... He has moved this group called Grace Point as we have met in houses, schools, and offices, and now we believe He is moving us to buy, renovate, and eventually meet in an 18,000 sq. ft. former Grainger warehouse right off of I-75 that we will be able to call Grace Point's home base for years to come. (See picture below!)  

    As we finish year 2 and enter a very pivotal year 3 in the life of our church, would you commit once again to pray for and partner with us, asking God to do what only He can do? Pray for the kids in the video above to know Jesus... pray for Grace Point to maintain a spirit of unity and to be faithful... pray that as we soon start year 3, God would give us a place to meet and call our own. We truly believe we cannot do this without YOU and your prayers!

    Thanks for how you support Heather and I and the kids to serve here! Below are just a few pics/updates from our summer of Reese, Ty, Tess, & Presley, and a pic of our potential building! More to come on that soon!