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Our Staff

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Tom McCoy

Senior Pastoroffice: 615-791-8319

Eric Nichols

Columbia Campus Pastoroffice: 615-791-8319

Chip Leake

Worship Pastoroffice: 615-791-8319

Wes Willett

Columbia Campus Worship Pastoroffice: 615-791-8319

Leighann McCoy

Prayer & Family Ministeroffice: 615-791-8319

Teri Froman

Adult Ministeroffice: 615-791-8319

Sam Landrith

Lead Youth Pastoroffice: 615-791-8319

Ashley Vantrease

Kids Minister (1st-5th)office: 615-791-8319

Robbie Moore

Associate Kids Pastor (1st-5th) office: 615-791-8319

Chris Ussery

Kids Minister (Birth-K)office: 615-791-8319

Nancy Smith

Associate Kids Minister (Birth-K) / KOTK Directoroffice: 615-364-6865

Andrea Key

Columbia Campus Family Ministeroffice: 615-791-8319

Angela Spencer

Connections Ministeroffice: 615-791-8319

Larry Mims

Missions Pastoroffice: 615-791-8319

Kevin Barger

Creative Arts Pastoroffice: 615-791-8319

Lane Ransdell

Administrative Pastoroffice: 615-791-8319

Sarah Scaffidi

Communications Directoroffice: 615-791-8319

Kolby Atkins

Worship Ministry Associateoffice: 615-791-8319

Jonathan Shockley

Lead Youth Worship Leaderoffice: 615-791-8319

Cindy Yates

Columbia Campus Ministry Assistantoffice: 615-791-8319

Sherry Carter

Worship Ministry Assistantoffice: 615-791-8319

Alicia Graham

Adult Ministries Assistantoffice: 615-791-8319

Terri Stahly

Lead Family Ministry Assistantoffice: 615-791-8319

Rachel Barger

Family Ministry Assistantoffice: 615-791-8319

Mikayla Martin

Missions Ministry Assistantoffice: 615-791-8319

Jennifer Arrington

Administrative Ministry Assistantoffice: 615-791-8319

Diane Allen

Financial Assistantoffice: 615-791-8319

Serena Humerick

Special Needs Ministry Directoroffice: 615-791-8319

Sue Ellen Easterday

Paid Childcare Directoroffice: 615-791-8319

Bill Webb

Project Manageroffice: 615-791-8319

Kendall Turnbull

Maintenance office: 615-791-8319

Amber Davis

World Café Manageroffice: 615-791-8319

Dawson Tummins

Worship Ministry Internoffice: 615-791-8319

Gracyn Martin

Youth Ministry Internoffice: 615-791-8319

Hector Mojica

Youth Ministry Internoffice: 615-791-8319

Ethan Shinness

Youth Ministry Internoffice: 615-791-8319

Solsa Rice

Youth Ministry Internoffice: 615-791-8319

Jacob Kruger

Kids Ministry Internoffice: 615-791-8319

Finance Team:

Colin Martin, Bobby Morgan, Rachel Cook, Brad Lay, Mike Yates,  Jonathan Williams, Jason Darby, Lane Ransdell

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Personnel Team:

Jason Ashman, Jonathon Bobbit, John Anderson, Jonathan Williams, Keith Jones

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Randy Coffman, Rick Seadler, Jill Rosenberry

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