TSC Refresh FAQ
How much are we trying to raise?
As much as we can, right? We are blessed to have already set aside $400,000 to use on this project.  Adding that to an offering of $1,100,000 will allow us to finish our entire project. We can, however, complete much of the project if we raise $800,000. In keeping with our mission’s heart and our practice of tithing on our special project offerings, we will designate 10% of the August 8th offering to support the Thompson Station Church – Hillcrest Campus.  

Who is doing the work?
Branch Builders Group. They will oversee the entire project and do the bulk of the work using their highly skilled team and subcontractors. Vendors and subs we prefer or recommend are being considered and incorporated into the project at our discretion.  

What will be done in the Worship Center?
The plans include permanently relocating the baptistry to the side of the stage, adding an LED wall, replacing flooring and chairs, and redesigning the stage. If we do not reach our God-sized $1.5 million goal we will reduce the improvements to the stage.

Will we connect Building B and Building C?
No. This great future plan did not make the priorities cut. If we go over and beyond our goal, we could consider this again.

With rising prices of materials, is this a good time for this project?
The materials needed to complete the refresh are primarily not those which have been skyrocketing recently (very little lumber is needed, for example). The pricing of each aspect of this project has been very reasonable and we will be getting a lot for the money we are spending. Our agreement with Branch Building Group will be a guaranteed price contract and so we will know the cost before we “sign on the dotted line”. In addition, we are already beginning to see prices stabilize.

How long will the refresh project take?
We are expecting to begin in August of this year and complete the work by Easter of 2022. It is feasible that most or all of this project could be done by Christmas 2021, so this is our prayer.  

How will we have services while the work is going on?
Creatively. We are confident that we can hold services in the Worship Center each week. We may have to deal with a little construction mess and rearrange some furniture, but one way or another, we will worship together.  

Can I pledge to give a gift in the future?
Yes. We would be happy to have anyone participate in the offering in any way that God prompts you. We hope to raise most of what we will need in a single weekend so that we can get started, but welcome gifts through the end of the year or beyond.

How do I give to the Compelled Challenge?
Electronically at www.tsclife.org/give choose Compelled (refresh ’21) in the fund drop down list.
Text the word COMPELLED and a dollar amount to 1-937-872-4483 (1-YES-TSC-GIVE)
By mail to Thompson Station Church PO Box 218, Thompsons Station, TN 37179
During Worship Service with a COMPELLED special envelope OR by clearly writing compelled on your check or regular giving envelope.

Do you want us to shift our regular tithe to help with the Compelled Challenge?
No. We have so much work to do in all areas of ministry here at TSC and are very grateful for how you generously support our church. We are humbly asking and feel compelled to challenge you to give a gift over and above your tithe and re