City groups list

High School City Group Homes and Leaders
Meeting on Wednesday evenings (7:00-8:30pm)

Montgomery House (9th Grade Boys) 4634 Wilhoite Rd, Franklin, TN 37064
Adult Leaders: Mark Montgomery, Ryan Wagoner, Kodey Jones, Bobby Morgan, Jerry Walling
Student Leaders: Jett Montgomery, Rhett Morgan, Tobey Jones

Doucet House (12th Grade Girls) 1026 Aenon Cir, Spring Hill, TN 37174
Adult Leaders: Beth Doucet, Mikayla Martin
Student Leaders: Maddi Combith, Abi Johnson, Kendall Markesi

Wolenhaupt House (9th & 10th Grade Girls) 2224 Brienz Valley Dr, Franklin, TN 37064
Adult Leaders: Jen Arrington
Student Leaders: Reagan Wolenhaupt

Paseur House (11th &12th Grade Co-Ed) 3684 Stone Creek Dr, Spring Hill, TN 37174
Adult Leaders: Kim Paseur, Gracyn Martin, Reid Jones
Student Leaders: Alex Runk, Jackson Marbet, Abbey Lambers, Alyssa Loera

Hammond House (10th Grade Boys) 1029 St. Hubbins Dr, Spring Hill TN 37174
Adult Leaders: Josh Hammond, Jason Arrington, Keith Jones*
Student Leaders: Travis and Taylor Arrington, John Rogers, Gavin Williams, Jesse Jones

Clarke House (9th Grade Girls) 2976 Americus Drive, Thompson Station, TN 37179
Adult Leaders: Tracey Jones
Student Leaders: Sophie Clarke, Meredith Lay

Rowlett House (11th Grade Co-Ed) 4139 Miles Johnson Pkwy, Spring Hill, TN 37174
Adult Leaders: Jimmy/Kim Rowlett, Bryan Hollie
Student Leaders: Hayley Rowlett, Bella Reed, Grant Morgan, Luke Tedder

Whittenburg House (9th & 10th Grade Co-Ed) 4915 Kedron Rd, Columbia, TN 38401
Adult Leaders: Becky Whittenburg
Student Leaders: Kaitlyn Whittenburg, Kevin Sierra

Lenfestey House (9th Grade Co-Ed) 2019 Brisbane Dr, Thompson's Station, TN 37179
Adult Leaders: Mandy and Shayne, Sam McCusker, Lauren Dixon
Student Leaders: Kade Lenfestey, Jack Gilley, Kelsey Cordero, Cooper Hall, Abbot Crouthamel

Dixon House (11th & 12th Grade Co-Ed) 1746 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin, TN 37064
Adult Leaders: Jack West, Rachel Barger
Student Leaders: Caiden Augustine, Saber Salazar, Keely Crick, Kelsey Dixon

Meeting on Sunday evening
Lay House (11th & 12th Grade Boys)  2830 Stacey St, Thompson's Station, TN 37179
Adult Leaders: Brad Lay, Bobby Morgan
Student Leaders: Carter Lay, Callan Jones, Ryan S

Middle School City Groups Rooms and Leaders
Meeting on Sunday Morning at 9:00am in the B Building

6th Grade Girls - Room B213 - Adult Leaders: Rebecca Gilley, Jan Quinton, Andrea Banks
6th Grade Boys - Room B207 - Adult Leaders: Brent Jones, Wes Sellers, Michael Harrell
7th Grade Girls - Room B205 - Adult Leaders: Alison Hill, Rixey Colvin, Elaine Wise
7th Grade Boys - Room B209 - Christian Leake, Daniel Canada
8th Grade Girls - Room B201 - Amy Tedder, Samantha Sellers, Alicia Justice
8th Grade Boys - Room B211 - Jonathan Williams, Eric Hill, Mitch Maddox

*Middle School Wednesday Night activity will resume on October 21st at 6:30pm.