Orphan Sunday

On Orphan Sunday, Christians stand for the orphan and vulnerable. Orphan Sunday came as a gift from the Church in Africa.
While attending a church service in Zambia, an American visitor witnessed the local pastor’s passionate call to care for orphans in a community that had been ravaged by AIDS and poverty. During that first-ever “Orphan Sunday,” as the service ended, one after another the people stepped forward giving out of their own need, offering their food, and some even taking off their own shoes and placing them in the offering basket for orphans. That American visitor, Gary Schneider, was so deeply impacted by what he had witnessed that he began to help Zambian leaders coordinate Orphan Sunday efforts across Zambia and also shared the vision in the United States as well. In 2009, the Christian Alliance for Orphans began providing united leadership to make Orphan Sunday a catalyst for awareness and action across the U.S. and worldwide. Today, churches and organizations in more than 90 nations observe Orphan Sunday annually. We pray the Church all over the world may be as faithful as our Zambian brothers and sisters to reflect God’s heart for the orphan. 

Action Steps

We all can’t do everything, but we all can do something!

  1. Sponsor a child through Mission of Hope
  2. Support an adoptive family financially (Bargers, Himelricks)
  3. Serve with Rescue 1 Global
  4. Shop for the Safe Room via Amazon Wish List
  5. Sip for adoptive families! During the month of November, all proceeds from the TSC Central Campus World Café will go toward adoptive families.

If you have any questions about how to get involved, please contact our Missions Ministry Assistant by email or by calling the church office at (615) 791-8319