Four Reasons We Love Camp At TSC

4 Reasons We Love Camp At TSC
Over the next 3 weeks we will see almost 800 students and kids attend summer camp with over 300 leaders. It is going to be an amazing time. I want to leave you with 4 things that will happen over the next few weeks:

1. Connect With Jesus- Students and Kids will Connect with Jesus for the very first time. Let me say that again... It will be their first time to surrender their life to Jesus! Not only do we see kids and students connect with Jesus for the first time, but we see many connect with Jesus more intimately. There is just something about when we get away from the world and get in a setting where we can get more of Jesus. Campers start the day with a quiet time and throughout the remainder of the day, they participate in group discussions and worship services. When this occurs we begin to grow in our relationship with Jesus in incredible ways.

2. Find Community- Every year we see people who were strangers on the first day have friendships and community on the last day, like they have never found before! Community is built over these 4 days with one another and leaders as they do life together. Every year we even see kids and students open up about things they never have before and find freedom through confession, care, and prayer from those around them. We will see many find community and take next steps in their relationship with Jesus!

3. Discover Calling- Camp is where I received a call to ministry. I still remember responding to that call in middle school. I wanted to run from it, but looking back I know that is when God called me to ministry. Many will begin to discover a greater calling God has placed on their life to make a difference for Christ!

4. Make a Difference- Over these next 3 weeks, we as a church are going to make a difference in the next generation!! Psalm 145:4 says, "One generation will declare your works to the next and will proclaim your mighty acts." That is what we are doing! TSC family we will pass on the works of our great God to the next Generation. Many of these kids and students will go back home and make a difference in their families, schools, and in our community for Jesus! I am fired up right now just thinking about it!

If you want to give to our scholarship fund that helps kids and students who cannot financially afford to go here is the lnk. Let's partner together in prayer over the next few weeks. Thank you for your generosity, prayer, and partnership to reach the next generation with the gospel!

If you still want to sign up your kid or student, or go as a counselor here is the link.
Beach Week and Mountain Week are limited on capacity, but there is a waiting list. It's going to be a great 3 weeks!

Pastor Sam

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